Utterly wonderful ideas!


Tweet plenaries

A brilliant AfL resource

Substitution Top Trumps perhaps using historical maths figures?

Table sheets

Class Dojo and Class Badges

Chris Moyles Quiz Nights

Letter to students (include a code to break?) Ask them to email me their thoughts on maths (optional)

Letter to parents – request for positive attitude to maths, a return slip: what’s the best thing about your son/daughter? What do you want them to achieve over the next year? What’s one thing you could do to help them to do that? (or similar – needs more thought).

Choice boards to differentiate

Connect thoughts to differentiate

4fours challenge up on the wall as an extension task

Thoughts and crosses

A year 7 open-ended project

Make water freeze or zig-zag

Feedback must provide a recipe for future action, broken down into a series of small steps.

Use red traffic lights to ask a question of another student.

When lessons go horribly wrong, keep all the good kids in and thank them.

Make a mind map of existing knowledge and then add to it in a different colour to show progress.

Literacy in maths

Scale of the Universe 2

Use cards to ask questions – you only have one card so use it wisely

Do an assessment paper and do all bits wrong that students did wrong – hand back to students to spot and correct errors

Student topic tracker (from the ever-brilliant Mr. Collins)

Difference of two squares visualisation using Geogebra

Times Table Rockstars


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