Multiple meanings and positive relationships

Many words in Maths can have multiple meanings; to address this I should record myself and listen to the words I use, and analyse what words might be confusing.

Interesting research on our relationships with Maths that concludes teachers need to give students time to think about what Maths is, in order to build a positive relationship with it. I think the best way to do this would be in project work that initially doesn’t seem to be Maths, but analyse it afterwards to explore how students used Maths to solve problems. The research suggests using popular culture to explore Maths.


Keeping sight of the wood whilst deep in the trees

Another reflection I’ve been meaning to add in is that I really want to keep a focus on the moral and values-based education that Learning to Teach unit 4.4 discusses. It will be easy in the mania of trying to take on board all the new information in my training to lose sight of this, but its one of the core reasons I’m in teaching, so I want to keep it front and centre. I need to think about how to do this.

Same goes for the learning to learn and metacognition aspects of teaching. A task for me is to try to set up a week of observation at the RSA Academy or, failing that, at a school that implements the competency curriculum really well.