Brain Training

Assorted starter activities

Starter on Pythagoras (1, 2)


Painted cube

Numeracy starter

Numbers starter


Starter of the day

The answer is 6!

Taboo words

Music as timer

Starter on reflections

Have a clip on loop at the start of the class with an open question next to it.

Maths DJing clips

What can you tell me about this picture? (Number starter to introduce pi)

Create ‘follow me’ cards where each card has an answer and then a question which each student reads out – the words on the cards are important – practice different phrases.

Bring in packets of digestives as a fraction-based starter (Good progression and differentiation – use e.g. kitkat or dairy milk)

Bruner: You can introduce any topic as long as you deliver it appropriately

Bongard problems (plus blank bongard template to create them)


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