Game to explore place value

Need: a set of virtual dice

Roll dice nine times to fill boxes. The winner is the closest to 1000, adding up the rows. Can choose which box to fill. (Don’t do too well yourself!)

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 09.53.30

For weaker sets:

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 09.53.37

Find the largest number

Find the smallest number

Find the largest even number etc.


2 thoughts on “Game to explore place value

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  2. Oof! I remember this one. I think this fails the “memory is the residue of thought” test. The kids, in my experience, don’t really stop to carefully consider where to put the numbers. They will guess and not really be bothered because it’s DICE! and a bit DIFFERENT! I remember doing this with a year 7 class; I could have wept when I read their reflections they wrote in their books

    “I learnt that Lulu is luckier than me”

    “I learnt Jay and me are better at the game that David and Danny because we played 4 rounds and they only played 2 and a half”

    If I were to do something similar again I might project one on the IWB which had the first 2 rows filled in randomly ahead of time. Then we could have a class discussion about where to put the numbers that come up when we roll to fill in the last row. But you basically end up having conversations about probability – another area fraught with misconceptions – rather than place value. I suspect this just makes things muddier for students rather than clearer.

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