Census at School

Geohive (global population statistics)

Worldometers (current global stats)


Ask students to find a set of numbers with a few conditions e.g. specify the mode, mean, median and range. Useful to assess whether students really understand averages.

When teaching information, a collective memory task can work well.

  • Get groups (2-4) to take turns to go to a poster on the wall and try to recreate the poster on their tables.
  • Use for revision or AfL
  • Can give extra points for additional information
  • But be careful with e.g. dyslexic kids who may struggle with short-term memory

Use n-rich Great Expectations to teach probability

  • Open-ended task
  • Give five minutes to discuss and then get a range of differentiated goals that groups can tick when they achieve it.
  • If using ability groupings, have more than one G and T group so they’ll compete.

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