Friday skills topics

  • Using ‘voice’ in group discussions
  • Board=Paper
  • Explain and discuss cold call
  • Be on your mark
  • Develop props with students
  • Establish a consistent routine to gain attention at the start of class – perhaps a recording played through the IWB? Ask students what would work well.
  • Pick-up on and address misconceptions
  • Give each pupil two or three individual learning targets.
  • Encourage pupils to experiment by putting a question mark and comment beside things they are not sure about and that they will get credit for doing so
  • Get students to record my lessons, analyse my teaching and give me feedback.
  • Have a weekly award (voted by students) for: best mistake (i.e. the one that promoted the most learning); the person who persevered most;
  • Use ICQs to ensure pupils are listening
  • Keep a big smiley face laminated (or similar) for students to use in a yamaba moment. Keep a big laminated question mark for me or students to hold up when someone asks a good question.
  • Set ground-rules for group talk
  • Generalise in every lesson by asking students to make up an example or counter-example, draw their own drawing, explain how they got an answer etc.
  • Use a comment-only marking policy  that closes the gap. Create a dialogue through marking e.g. by posing challenging questions in the front of the book, asking students to tell me how they’ve closed the gap, and with targets in a chart.
  • Students use a traffic-light system, and a stuck-o-meter
  • Encourage students to explain to each other and use 3B4ME
  • Encouraging conjectures, and an atmosphere where pupils listen to each others’ conjectures.
  • Explicitly using meta-cognition, and meta-emotional and meta-behavioural discussions to help CAME e.g. ask pupils how they know someone is good at maths.
  • I can’t yet, not I can’t, and praise students for being stuck and getting unstuck and persevering with a high profile prize (chosen by pupils); encourage students to vocalise problems to the rest of class.
  • Mark work with a -, = or + to mean not as good as, equal to or better than your last piece of work.

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