Thoughts for a first lesson

Tell them all about me.

Line up in silence at the back of the class, and assign to seating plan.

  • Write about your best class/teacher. Why was it/she/he the best one?
  • Write about a class you find really boring [Not sure about this! Needs to be phrased carefully]
  • What do you think of maths? What’s the best thing? What’s the worst thing?
  • Please write down the most difficult bit of maths that you know.
  • What do you hope I will do as a teacher? What are you worried that I might do?
  • What do you want to achieve in life? What can you do to make that happen?
  • What do you want the world to be like when you’re 30? What can you do to make that happen?
  • What do you want to get out of learning maths?
  • What do you want to do today?
  • What question keeps you up at night/do you wish you knew the answer to?
  • Make a youtube vid/paragraph of what you want to get out of your class over the next year.

Do think-pair-(square)-share with these questions, then each group feeds back.

Build questions into a story, then invite them to tell it

Have a word wall for maths based on 1st lesson views of maths/aspirations

Introduce classroom boundaries using the experience of the really good student in Machala (Victor) or as a recipe for a great mathematician.

Tell kids I’m a maths geek, and that some of them are too (they just don’t know it yet). But they definitely don’t have to admit it!

Tell students I’ll make mistakes.

Talk about developing habits (for me and for them).

Tell students I’m at OAJW because I was told it was the best school in Bristol

Tell students story about gospel choir in first lesson – growth mindset

Consider making an equipment list to stick into students’ books to help dyslexics

  • Seating plan alphabetical order by name.
    • Tell them you’ll change it in time.
    • Once used to students you can change it,
    • Insist they sit where the seating plan says.
  • Stand next to the door.
  • Walk around the class while talking.
  • Don’t talk over students.

Homework: set vision for maths this year, with parental discussion/comment. Consider asking parents: is there anything you’d like me to know about your son/daughter?


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