Before you start

  • Don’t plan too much – it’s a bit pointless until you know the school and class. Ask the school what you can plan in advance. (How to survive)
  • Stock up on fun and cheap stuff (How to survive)
  • Visit the school including your classroom if you can during the holidays (How to survive)
    • Take a massive hard drive to download schemes of work etc.
    • Say hello to everyone in your department
    • Get to know the layout of the school
  • Meet: your induction mentor; any TAs you’ll be working with; head of dept; head of year; SENco (How to survive)
  • Take a holiday (How to survive)
  • Get to know the behaviour policy, rewards, sanctions and what happens if sanctions are not served, as well as the guidance for dealing with violent children (How to survive)
  • Get classroom boundaries clear in your head, using the school behaviour policy and also write them down (How to survive)
  • Create a seating plan for each class, seat them in alphabetical order and try to learn names (How to survive)
  • Plan for typical disruptive behaviours and explicitly using rules to respond (Classroom Behaviour)
  • Develop a non-verbal cue for attention (Classroom Behaviour)

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