Possible classroom rules

Examples of some classroom rules I’ve seen this week:

Come in quietly, sit down and get your book/equipment out
Aim, Starter & Date all in your books once sat down
Gives out the sanctions for receiving ‘warnings’ e.g. 1st warning (on board & verbal), 2nd warning (on board & break/lunch detention), 3rd warning (on board – sent to G30)
You must have all your own equipment (teacher stressed they do not have enough to give out)
Another rule on being straight to work once they have entered the room – work on board
respect theme in one class – Do not talk when teacher is talking, or when others are talking
Politeness in class – please, thank yous (the simple things) NO Swearing
Uniform – teacher got all the boys to stand up, made them tuck their shirts in and do ties up! (I liked this idea) “for those of you who do not know hoe to dress yourself properly get your mother/father/carer etc to dress you in the mornings”, “mine is so therefore yours shall be too”
Try as hard as you can
Don’t be annoying
Do Not Disrupt
You are here to work
Keep your book pretty
Respect the subject (try your best), respect your work (keep your book neat and well presented) respect me (the teacher)

Of all of the above Rules that I have seen my ‘Top 3’ would be (I chose 3 as I feel it is a reasonable amount to ask in the 1st lesson, other rules can be implemented later!!)

1. Do Not Disrupt (the learning of others, yourself or me)
2. You Are Here To Work (do your best, ask questions, support each other – we are a team)
3. Keep Your Book Pretty (well presented, no doodling, cherish it)

After giving these 3 rules I would then go on to check Uniform, in the way above ^^

I would then give expectations:

1 You enter the classroom quietly and promptly (no lateness)
2 You shall have all the equipment necessary to learn (pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, calc, protractor, compass – sets in Tesco are….., or from Maths dept…..)
3 Remember Rule #1 at all times!

Before we then start learning (in terms of the subject) I would then give guidance as to support available:

after school help on (..DAY..) between ….pm & …..pm
“if you don’t like me”, there’s always another member of the Maths dept available to help you after school etc
Revision guides £x…..
Maths Club?!

From Mr. Collins I think.

From Sue Cowley:

We listen in silence when someone is talking

We arrive at lessons ready and prepared to learn

We show respect to each other at all times

We work to the best of our ability

An alternative approach from Mr. Boss.

From OAJW:

“Only one person talks at a time”

Use Bristol 10 to set classroom expectations, for me and for them


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