Classroom management

Bill Rogers Top 10

Class Badges

Detentions Are Pointless

Getting to know individual pupils

Keeping a log of pupils obstacles

Guardian behaviour management tips


Writing in the margin

Possible classroom rules

The importance of a good seating plan – TES New Teachers

Class getting to know you

Class Top Trumps – getting to know each other

3 key words for each pupil

Differentiated Christmas Cards

Raffle tickets to control behaviour?

TES Behaviour management resources

Behaviour4Learning resources

Mr. Reddy’s behaviour agreement

Sue Cowley’s list of rewards

Sue Cowley’s list of sanctions

Managing the start of class

Praise a kid for doing something good last time

Non-confrontational strategies: give them time to make the correct decisions – tell them what you want, tell them how long you’ll give them, tell them what will happen if they still don’t do it.

TF Behaviour for learning tips

Use 3, 2, 1, 0, then have something good to say. Make eye contact.

Consider giving students a choice of where to sit, and if they progress they can stay there.

Warn kids before changing room

Remembering names

Book of Consequences


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