Do Now

Teach Like a Champion Technique 29: Do Now

A short activity that eliminates any ambiguity about what students should be working on, or whether they might or might not know what this is.

  • Four criteria:
    • Students can complete it without intervention
    • Takes 3-5 minutes to complete
    • There should be a written product
    • Should preview the day’s lesson or review a previous lesson
  • Must be entirely consistent to avoid plausible deniability.

Entry routine

Teach Like a Champion Technique 28: Entry routine

Make a habit out of what’s efficient, productive and scholarly as students enter the classroom.

  • Students should do the same thing the same way every day without prompting.
  • Objectives, timetable, do now etc. should be in predictable places each day so students know where to look for them.

Teach Like a Champion Ch 4 Reflection

Why is Cold Call seen as so important?

Because it changes the ratio. Done well, it means every student needs to try to answer every question, and so hugely increases the cognitive work going on in the classroom. This is, after all, the point of teaching, and so this technique can make a massive difference to the learning that goes on.


Teach Like a Champion Technique 27: Vegas

A moment of sparkle (such as a class response to every instance of a surd) to emphasise the lesson objective

  • You must retain control of when it happens, and how long it goes on for.
  • It must relate directly to the lesson objective
  • Everyone must know the rules and stick to them
  • Its easy for people to participate corrosively – this must be managed by vigilant behaviour management.

Everybody writes

Teach Like a Champion technique 26: Everybody writes

Set your students up for rigorous engagement by giving them the opportunity to reflect first in writing before discussing.

  • This gives students to come up with better ideas than their initial ones, and also to develop the confidence to express them.
  • It also allows you to call on any student, knowing they have written something and thus can participate.
  • Writing down also aids student recall.
  • This process also increases the ratio.


Teach Like a Champion Technique 24: Pepper

A fast-paced, unpredictable, class-questioning session: if the answer is correct the teacher moves on, if incorrect she asks the same question again.

  • Use it to reinforce and review knowledge in quick questions, not to extend knowledge or ask more in-depth questions c.f. Cold Call.
  • Make it a game, and keep the speed up.