Great lessons 4: Differentiation (from headguruteacher)

Whilst I’ve read lots about differentiation, this post is valuable because it talks about the spirit of differentiation, and the notion that differential is always going on and is habitual. This is what I want to achieve.

To achieve this:

  • Getting to know students individually is vital. Assimilating data on each child so that you have the knowledge in your head, use it and update it. Also listening to parents, who will often pick up on students finding things too easy or too hard before you do.
  • Differentiate right from the start, in designing learning objectives (have space for different objectives for different students). Have open-ended tasks and allow students ownership over their level and challenge. Be aware of the self-esteem impacts of this.
  • Ideas for quick differentiation


Key to all this is the ability to bring the class together into inclusive questioning, where think-pair-share etc is used to engage everyone in the topic at different levels.

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